Mobile Azure | John Morehouse
Microsoft Azure offers up a lot of technologies that you can play around with. One thing that you might not know is that they also offer up a mobile presence to help manage your Azure resource. The application is available for download for your mobile devices from the app store (Apple or Google). Once downloaded and connected to your subscription, you can: See all of your resources and easily start/stop virtual machines. You can see and manage multiple accounts. As shown below, I have two Azure accounts, one through my employer, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting and the other a personal account. I can easily switch accounts from within the application. The application even offers the ability to run scripts via Azure CLI or PowerShell: Let's try it out! I'll use my mobile device to spin up a new resource group, called MobileDemo using Azure CLI. The application returns that the provisioning "Succeeded" Looking in the Azure Portal , the new resource group is now present: