File Growth Rate – The GUI Lies | John Morehouse
If you are like me, you use the SSMS GUI for various things. Though, I tend to use scripts for the management of most things, I do check on the database growth rates of files using the GUI interface. While I was recently, doing a review of a client's environment I discovered that the GUI can lie to you when it comes to the database file growth rates. By default, the data file is set to a 1MB growth rate and the log file is configured for a 10% growth rate. Both are horrible settings for most OLTP environments. However, starting with SQL Server 2016, the default growth rates are configured for 64MB, which in my opinion is better than the previous defaults. Using the GUI to look at a 2017 Scratch database I have, we can see that the data file is configured for 1MB and the log file is set for 64MB growth. Spoiler Alert: The GUI is lying. If we look into the DMV sys.master_files (sys.database_files will also show this), we can see that the growth rate is set to 16 for the data file