Building a Personal VPN Azure Solution | John Morehouse
Since joining Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting, I tend to travel about once a month. This isn't a huge amount and is usually over a weekend (except for that opportunity to go to Australia that didn't pan out). Since I work in the IT field, security is highly important to me, especially my own security. I am referring to my digital security. For example, I don't like using public WiFi's because I don't know who else is on that particular network, and well, I'm a paranoid IT guy. Due to that, I'm cautious as to what I do on my various electronic devices (laptop, phone, tablet, etc) on the internet while out and about. The solution? A VPN Service. There are various VPN Services that you can subscribe for a monthly/annual fee that offer you the ability to ensure that you have a secure connection. Beyond just having a secure connection, you could also select which country you want the end point to be. For example, if I was in Australia, I could select a server in the United