T-SQL Tuesday #90 – The Elephant's Name is Database | John Morehouse
T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog gathering for the SQL Server/Data Professional community It is the brainchild of Adam Machanic (B|T) and is not limited to just things around the SQL Server database engine. Each month a blogger hosts the event and anybody who wants to contribute can write a post about that month's topic. You can find a list of all topics at . This month's T-SQL Tuesday topic is about continuous database deployments and Database Lifecycle Management (DLM). It is being hosted by James Anderson (B|T). The Elephant In my experience, the database is the final thing to be thought of when it comes to continuous deployment. Nobody wants to tackle it and it can be hard to get right. It is the elephant in the room. I'm sure that we all have been a part of a deployment where the database wasn't deployed successfully. If it was a large deployment meaning lots of changes (both schema and data), fixing things on the fly probably (and did) suck. Thankfully,