Experienced DBA: Rookie Mistake | John Morehouse
M.A.S.H 4077. Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. One of my all time favorite TV shows that I still watch to this day. There is one episode that has always stuck with me is one where Hawkeye has to deal with death of a friend during surgery. Afterwards, Colonel Blake imparts advice to Hawkeye: While not life threating, I was recently reminded that: I'm human and I make mistakes at times. Even the most experienced DBA cannot change rule #1. The other day I had to update some records, in Production. I'm a firm believer of using explicit transactions and double checking things before committing a transaction. This helps ensure things go as expected. This also allows me a way to rollback the changes if they don't. It happens. However, this means that I have to COMMIT said explicit transaction. And not go to lunch without doing so. Can you see my mistake? I bet you can. I changed a single record in a table, *thought* that I had committed it and went about my day. I even left the