I'm Speaking! SQL Saturday #444 – Kansas City | John Morehouse
This weekend I'll be traveling to Kansas City, Missouri for their annual SQL Saturday. Normally, I would just drive to this event. However, I'm no longer living in Omaha so this year it's a plane for me. One of my favorite things about this event is that every year the organizers host a BBQ crawl on the Friday before. It's similar to a -"bar crawl", - hopping from one bar to another, except this is done with BBQ establishments around the Kansas City metro area. Since I'm a lover of all things BBQ, this is right up my alley and an excellent way to spend a Friday afternoon. I am really looking forward to seeing friends and partaking in a little BBQ. However, due to my flight schedule I won't be able to participate in all of the establishments but I plan on catching up when I get there. SQL Saturday #444 The schedule is packed full of SQL goodness. So if you like free training, hanging out with other geeks and if you have nothing else planned on Saturday, September 26th, 2015, come on