SQL Saturday Speaker Marketing – With Powershell | John Morehouse
If you follow the Twitter account for SQL PASS, you probably noticed that they are actively promoting individual Summit 2015 speakers. I think this is a fantastic marketing strategy not only for the individual speakers but also for the Summit itself. I'm currently involved with organizing a SQL Saturday event (SQL Saturday #403 – Louisville). With these events, I am always on the lookout for ways to make our event even better. When I saw PASS doing this type of marketing, I knew that we had to do it for our event. Now, if you look at the event schedule, we have 36 speakers. I'll admit it would be relatively easy to copy & paste things together for a tweet How about those SQL Saturday's that have 75 speakers like Atlanta? With 75 speakers, the copy & paste process would become unwieldy quickly. One of the benefits of the SQL Saturday website is that they offer a XML feed for every event. This XML feed provides a number of useful data elements. These elements include