Public Speaking – The Small Things | John Morehouse
Rough Road Ahead! Public Speaking is hard and is sometimes a rough road to go down. There isn't any other way to put it. It takes work and won't always go smoothly. Not only do you have to generate a topic that you think will be interesting to attendees, but you also have to put a presentation together, practice it, fine tune it and then finally deliver it. Keeping in mind that what can go wrong will go wrong, helps. As you stand to deliver your presentation, you realize that you've forgotten something. Perhaps you suddenly have the worst case of cotton mouth possible. Or quite possibly, you will hear your stomach rumbling and maybe, just maybe, that burrito you ate for lunch will remind you that it wasn't that good of an idea. Things like these are bound to happen. Take it from someone who speaks, I can say that we've all been there. From my experience over the past couple of years, I've put together a list of things that I carry with me to ensure that I avoid those rough roads.