Update #3: Prayers for Alyssa | John Morehouse
Previous blog posts: Prayers for Alyssa Update #1: Prayers for Alyssa Update #2: Prayers for Alyssa 1/14/14 From Tami: Alyssa is in Houston now and has undergone tests all day. Her heart is worse than the Dr's originally thought. Not sure if it was missed or has just gotten worse. They are increasing the first medicine to 40ml. She is currently at 18ml. They will increase 2ml every 8 hours. Alyssa doesn't tolerate this med very well. It is the med that causes her to vomit. She is currently vomiting frequently and it is not expected to change anytime soon. She is currently fluctuating between vomiting and sleeping. The next 3 days will consist of extensive testing to see if she even qualifies for transplantation. There is 1 other pediatric patient currently waiting for lungs. Depending on how the next 3 days go she may not be strong enough for a transplant. She is running a fever of 101°. They think there may be an infection in her central line. Her heart has now also started to have an