Bangkok Express
GANTIRA DIDN’T plan for her lover to die on the Island of Ko Samui. Nor did she plan for the backpacker to drown. She didn't plan to be trapped in a gilded cage by her narcissistic millionaire husband neither. Or maybe she planned it all? Fraud expert JOE DYLAN is back in the land of sin investigating the death of two backpackers on the island of Ko Samui. He's working the steps and trying to delay gratification. Trying to stay on the straight and narrow is easier said than done in the land of smiles. Burnt out expat James Hale can't play poker for love nor money. He needs to escape the city before the mob catch up with him and collect what's owed. They accept cash or body parts. These three colorful lives come together in this an exotic action-packed thriller set in the worlds most colorful and exciting city.