Desert Drums - Space Cabin Audio
All Prices are in US Dollars Overview 16 Velocity Layers Up to 12 Round Robins per velocity layer Recorded at 24 Bit 48kHz Overhead, Room, and Echo Chamber Bleed* 4 Snare Drums 2 Kicks 6 Toms (High, Mid, Low) 3 Concert Toms (Bottom Skins Removed) 2 Hihats 4 Crash Cymbals 2 Ride Cymbals 1 Shaker 1 Tambourine 2 Clave’s (Low and High) 1 Muted Cowbell. Uses the Accent Player from Platinum Samples Use 3rd party plug-ins inside of the player Extensive Groove Library included*Echo Chamber Bleed only available on the Echoplant kit.