Randomizers | SoundScenes
Randomizer sound emitters provide greater ability to create unique soundscapes. A random sound is played, at random intervals, and can even move to random locations! There are THREE different Randomizer types. Products in the catalog pages are named according to their randomizer type. Super – The most feature rich and customizable random emitter system! Roaming Sounds, advanced Day/Night playback, 3D Sound Cut-Offs, and more! View full features presentation. Day/Night – One set of sounds play during the day and a second set plays only at night. Basic – A standard random sound system that plays all sounds during both the day and night. . Randomizers are available as "Build Your Own" and Pre-Packaged. Pre-Loaded – Sounds are already loaded in the Randomizer. The number of included sounds and Randomizer type are listed in each product description. Build Your Own – Available as single scripted sound emitters, a discounted five pack (buy four, get one free), and a copyable edition.