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Full Permission Sound Effects These items are unscripted stand-alone sound effects and are available as singles or in bulk packages. The permissions are Modify/Copy/Transfer and can be used freely in resident creations and products. They are not to be resold separately on their own or as part of a collection. Footstep Sound Scripts These scripts play different types of audible footsteps when your avatar walks. Some are specific to men, women, or are not gender specific. To use the script, simply put the script in one of your avatar's shoes. You must have Modify permission to edit your prim shoes or you may add the script to any attached object to function. The footstep effects should then be audible when your avatar walks. If you do not hear any sound when your avatar walks, Edit the shoe (or attached object) again, and from the top toolbar: Select TOOLS > SET SCRIPTS TO RUNNING IN SELECTION. Touch the attachment to change the volume to your desired level in the pop-up menu.