HyperGrid | SoundScenes
HyperGrid allows Avatars to take their appearance and inventory with them when teleporting from one HyperGrid connected OpenSim server to another. The Kitely Marketplace enables us to export our products to any OpenSim server connected on HyperGrid. (Second Life is not connected to the HyperGrid.) Since HyperGrid is an emerging technology, merchants and customers can sometimes encounter issues with deliveries, permissions, or product functionality. Your HyperGrid experience can vary depending on each OpenSim server configuration. You may encounter a few unexpected quirks when teleporting from one OpenSim server to another. A few important HyperGrid elements and quirks that we have encountered and their workaround solutions are detailed below. Kitely Marketplace Deliveries HyperGrid editions of our products purchased through the Kitely Marketplace are first delivered in a prim box with an image of your order number. Rez the Kitely Hypergrid delivery object somewhere on