FAQ | SoundScenes
Frequently Asked Questions 1. General 1.1 How does your "Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy work? 1.2 Do the sound emitters all play audio the same way? 1.3 Will the sound effects cover my entire sim? 1.4 Do you have any recommended sound settings? 1.5 What are the permission levels for your products? 1.6 Can I move the sounds & script into my own object to lower my prim counts? 2. Client Services 2.1 What other services are available? 2.2 What is the Acoustic Alchemy Group? 2.3 Can I request a specific sound effect? 2.4 Can you convert my MP3s into SL? 3. Vending Machines 3.1 How do I use the vending machines? 3.2 How do I play the preview sound? 3.3 I can't hear the sound sample. What gives? 3.4 How do I purchase the AtmoSphere I want? 3.5 Do you have any freebie items? 4. Troubleshooting 4.1 How do I place the AtmoSphere once I get back to my area? 4.2 Why am I hearing gaps? 4.3 Can I place my AtmoSphere under water? 4.4 How can I find my AtmoSphere? It's