Darkness Set 10 (25 Sounds) | SoundScenes
Sound List This Randomizer contains the following sound clips: Female Scream01 Female Scream01, reversed Female Scream01, slowed Female Scream01, slowed reversed Female Scream01, slowed2 Female Scream01, slowed2 reversed Female Scream02 Female Scream02, reversed Female Scream02, slowed Female Scream02, slowed reversed Female Scream02, slowed2 Female Scream02, slowed2 reversed Female Scream03 Female Scream03, reversed Female Scream03, slowed Female Scream03, slowed reversed Female Scream03, slowed2 Female Scream03, slowed2 reversed Female Scream04 Female Scream04, slowed Guillotine Falls Guillotine Falls, echo Guillotine Falls, echo slowed Guillotine Falls, slowed Guillotine Falls, slowed2 Sound clips are 'Modify/Copy' and can be used in any Randomizers that you own. Randomizer Features