Darkness Set 05 (25 Sounds) | SoundScenes
Sound List This Randomizer contains the following sound clips: Ghostly Wind Breath1 Ghostly Wind Breath1 Reversed Ghostly Wind Breath2 Ghostly Wind Breath2 Reversed Ghostly Wind Breath3 Ghostly Wind Breath3 Reversed Ghostly Wind Breath4 Ghostly Wind Breath4 Reversed Gong Swell1 Gong Swell2 Hell Horse1 Hell Horse1 Reversed Hell Horse2 Hell Horse2 Reversed Hell Horse3 Hell Horse3 Reversed Hell Horse4 Hell Horse5 Light Ghost Breath1 Light Ghost Breath2 Light Ghost Breath3 Light Ghost Breath4 Light Ghost Breath5 Light Ghost Breath6 Light Ghost Breath7 Sound clips are 'Modify/Copy' and can be used in any Randomizers that you own. Randomizer Features