Darkness Set 04 (25 Sounds) | SoundScenes
Sound List This Randomizer contains the following sound clips: Flange1 Flange1 Reversed Flange2 Flange2 Reversed Flange3 Flange3 Reversed Ghost Breath1 Ghost Breath2 Ghost Breath3 Ghost Breath4 Ghost Breath5 Ghost Drone Reversed1 Ghost Drone Reversed2 Ghost Drone1 Ghost Drone2 Ghost Ship Horn1 Ghost Ship Horn2 Ghost Ship Horn3 Ghostly Echo Ghostly Movement1 Ghostly Movement1 Reversed Ghostly Movement2 Ghostly Movement2 Reversed Ghostly Movement3 Ghostly Movement3 Reversed Sound clips are 'Modify/Copy' and can be used in any Randomizers that you own. Randomizer Features