Build Your Own | SoundScenes
There are three different Randomizer types. Super – The most feature rich and customizable random emitter system! Roaming Sounds, advanced Day/Night playback, 3D Sound Cut-Offs, and more! View full features presentation. Day/Night – One set of sounds play during the day and a second set plays only at night. Basic – A standard random sound system that plays all sounds during both the day and night. Super Randomizer Copyable Five (Buy 4, Get 1 Free) Single Super Randomizer Features Roaming Sounds – Sounds can now move all around you! Sound clips must be 'Modify/Copy' permission to roam. Menu driven controls – No annoying chat commands to remember. Playback Selection – Forever, Day, or Night. 3D Sound – Restrict audio to specific areas without sub-dividing your land! Volume – Raise or lower the volume at any time. Random Volume – Changes volume level every time sounds play. Interval Range – Change the interval timing for more or less frequent