AtmoSpheres | SoundScenes
AtmoSpheres are scripted sound emitters that play a long loop of audible background ambiance. The soundtrack length can be several minutes long and is specified in each product marketplace page. Use the links below and on the sidebar to browse our extensive library of sound systems. Each product page includes an extended sound preview. . AtmoSphere Catalog Aquatic Fountains Harbors Streams Waterfalls Waves Elements Fire Storms Wind Nature Animals Birds Forests Frogs Insects Underworld CityScapes Airports Crowds Industrial Traffic Urban Special Themes Asia Chimes Darkness and Spooky Holidays Military Religious Rustic Science Fiction Steampunk AtmoSphere Features Menu Controls – Easy to use pop-up menu system. Playback Style – Set sounds to play: Day Only, Night Only, or Both. 3D Sound – Set sounds to only be audible within specific areas or elevations. Range – Extend the maximum audible distance. Volume – Raise or lower the