AtmoSpheres | SoundScenes
AtmoSpheres are scripted sound emitters that play a long loop of audible background ambiance. The soundtrack length can be several minutes long and is specified in each object name title. Features Menu Controls – Easy to use pop-up menu system. Playback Style – Set sounds to play: Day Only, Night Only, or Both. 3D Sound – Set sounds to only be audible within specific areas or elevations. Range – Extend the maximum audible distance. Volume – Raise or lower the volume at any time. Access – Allow group members to change sound controls. Appearance – Change appearance from visible to hidden. In-Prim Setup – Save prims by moving our scripts and sounds into your own objects. Upgradable – Free future code enhancements. Quality audio encoding for loud and clear playback. Professional coding for lag free performance. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! See our FAQ page for details. . Permissions AtmoSpheres are individual items (transfer only) unless specifically noted in the product