About | SoundScenes
SoundScenes is the top provider of professional sound solutions that brings your virtual worlds to life. Our unique products and services paint an audible soundscape that adds a critical dimension to your land and projects which creates a truly immersive experience. . Quality Soundtracks have been recorded and cleaned to play loud and clear with careful editing and removal of distracting elements. While many sound products found in the metaverse can only play a single 10 second sound clip over and over, our AtmoSpheres do not have this limitation and can play several minutes before looping. All products have been professionally coded and tested for the best possible playback, reliability, and lag free sim performance. . Selection There are now over 1,500 AtmoSpheres available, 2000+ individual clips for Randomizers, and more products are continuously being added. The major genres include: Nature – Forests, Animals, Birds, Wind, Rain, and other natural surroundings Aquatic –