HippoVend is Dead | SoundScenes
We discovered that the Hippovend system we have been using in-world for years has suddenly, and without so much of a whisper from HippoTech, vanished into the ether. Numerous customers began to reach out to let us know that they had paid for products that were never received. Upon investigating the situation we discovered that we were unable to access the web interface for the Hippovend system. The vendors still had the product inventories in memory, so they could browse and listen to the selected item. However, if a customer tried to purchase the item, the L$ would be transferred but since the Hippovend servers were gone, the delivery transaction would not complete.... all without any sort of error notification. Without access to the web interface, we cannot see the transaction logs to determine which products were purchased. The Linden transaction history logs only show which vending machine was used. What Went Wrong? Hippo Technologies brief mention of the failure was