AtmoSpheres Using Longer Sound Files On Kitely / HyperGrid | SoundScenes
SoundScenes has made our first set of scripted AtmoSpheres available on the Kitely Marketplace. These AtmoSpheres use longer sound files and are available in five separate permission variations for Kitely and HyperGrid residents. Since this is a rather large update, it comes in sections! Intro Longer Sound Files Kitely AtmoSpheres Permission Variations Sound File Notes Website Updates . AtmoSpheres Introduced to Kitely Marketplace We took twenty-two of our most popular Atmosphere sound systems from Second Life and added them to the Kitely Marketplace with some additional aspects detailed below. The new AtmoSpheres offer the same features and playback controls our customers are familiar within Second Life. The new Kitely AtmoSpheres include soundtracks from our Nature collection (Waves, Wind, Thunder, Birds, Crickets, Wolves, etc), Urban (crowds in coffee shops), and two from our Special Themed Dark Gothic collection. The slideshow at the bottom of the announcement shows a full