Which Of The Greek Gods You Are (According To Your Zodiac Sign)
The Greek Gods are actually believed to be an attempt explain and understand the different types of people and the different ways they behave in. They include aspects of human nature and emphasize on quirks and flaws that drive everyone of us, and habits that make us all unique. This is actually quite similar to the zodiac, and highlights the good and bad aspects of everyone, and the list below shows which Greek God each zodiac sign is similar to. Read on... Libra Libra, you are the Aphrodite- the goddess of beauty and love. You are the personification of the fleeting humanity and imperfectly perfect beauty there is. Despite all the light, happiness and love that you bring to other people’s lives, you are often drawn to the wrong type of people. Your husband, the lame smith God, is the ugliest of Gods. But don’t forget- your light shines so bright that other people just want to dim it down. Capricorn Capricorn, you are Apollo, the God of music and sun. You have an incredible amount of