What Your Ex Misses About You (According To Your Zodiac Sign)
Growing up, we have all been told that nothing lasts forever for everyone, and this also holds true for the most treasured things we hold- relationships. Everyone we love leaves us in one way or another, and sometimes, it takes longer for one to move on and find peace or someone new. Then, the cycle begins. You start off as a stranger and then become close, and then drift apart and go back to being strangers. But that doesn"t mean that the connection you had with your partner was not true. It just means that you both grew as individuals, but also grew apart from each other. And then there"ll always be memories about you and your partner and they"ll haunt you and leave you with bitter-sweet feelings. One cannot completely forget someone no matter how hard they try, and time does heal, but not erase everything completely. You can just learn to live with the situation a bit better and move on to better things to cope with it. Missing someone you were once attached to doesn"t mean you"re