This Visualization Has Helped Me Remove My Anxiety
As far as I can remember, I have always been prone to excitable tendencies, and indeed - anxiety. What triggers this, is usually when I feel cornered, or overwhelmed and what wasn"t unusual, would be for me to escape via electronics, sleep or cigarettes. That was until I found this: What Is A Visualization? Make no mistake, when you visualize something, you are actually manipulating energy at a very subtle level. So, I"ve learned that distinguishing between visualizing, and imagination is essential. They are two completely different things. When you project something, you are actually moving energy through you and or a target. I"m sure on some level, you probably have known this, as we are all fully capable of doing this, and in fact, do this every-day, all day, without being aware of it. The Visualization If you ever feel anxiety, un-settled, overwhelmed or displaced in any way, I"d like you to visualize, around and through your body, a dark brown color. Hold it there, until you feel