The Secret Health Benefits of Nicotine they Don’t Want You to Know
With all of the negative associations that have been made with nicotine, it is no wonder that it is hard for many to stomach the idea that it could indeed actually be a healthful substance. However, recent research has proven that nicotine isn"t quite the villain we once thought. With a wide variety of health benefits, as well as potential for cognitive enhancement, memory and attention boosting, and even curing and preventing various diseases; nicotine could even be considered somewhat of a wonder-drug. Unfortunately, one of the negative associations made with nicotine is smoking; it isn"t suggested to begin smoking to obtain the health benefits that provided by nicotine. That would be the equivalent of snorting a pile of cocaine for a quick energy boost....while it would probably work, it would most definitely be a horrible idea concerning the detrimental effects it would pose to your health in the grand scheme of things. Thankfully, vaping is turning the tables on all of that.