The Reason You’re Attracted to Someone isn’t Why You Think
You see someone across a room filled with people, It feels as if a vortex of energy is grabbing you. You"ve just met your "soul mate" and you know it. You feel it in your entire body, from your brain, to your heart and guts. Your brain explodes with the feeling of pure dopamine and phenylethylalmine. You think that this feeling of "love" is so real and so pure that nothing could possibly match it, and while you are partly correct, there"s more to the story of human attraction to one another. As per the research of Freud, Jung, and other renowned psychologists, You"re choosing your partner based on the composite image of your primary care-takers when you were a young child. These people provided you with everything and you were completely dependent on them. In their human ignorance, they made mistakes raising you. They may have been controlling, distant, or even cruel. On the other side, you may have had caretakers who were kind, supportive, loving and patient. You probably