The Human Body Energy Clock: Find Out The Optimal Time To Do Everything According to The Ancients
Have you ever wondered why your body"s energy and mood can fluctuate so often during the day? While our hormones and diet play a huge part, the impact of observing Circadian rhythms is further exemplified through a map Traditional Chinese Medicine offers us to explain how our organs and energy meridians are linked throughout the day. The Human Body Energy Clock, otherwise known as the Chinese Body Clock, is based off Traditional Chinese Medicine"s (TCM) explanation of Qi (life force energy) and how it moves through each organ at specific times during the day. Every two hours the energy moves to a different organ, indicating its energetic peak. Based on the clock, you can then understand that whichever organ is at its peak, the organ opposite (12 hours ahead) is therefore at its lowest energetic functioning. This 24 hour clock allows us to understand when and why it"s ideal to exercise, eat, make love, rest and sleep. Each organ also has an an