The Art Of Sacred Rage, 6 Ways To Channel Your Anger Without Destroying Relationships
Contrary to what we’ve been taught, anger is a powerful, valid and needed emotion - the key is in how to use it correctly for the results you want. Anger and rage are protective allies that show us where our boundaries are and they stand for what’s right... but if they aren"t worked with in a healthy way, they can wreak havoc in our lives. When we are children, we cry when we are sad and throw a tantrum when we are mad, but soon enough we learn that anger is not the most well-received emotion. Even though anger is healthy, it is a trigger for people that can cause negative consequences. Most of us have suppressed anger due to it’s cultural taboos that lead us to believe that if we express our anger we will be seen as crazy, a bitch, unreasonable, or worse. Instead of releasing it in healthy ways, many times we bury it as to not ruffle any feathers. Or we go the opposite direction and end up projecting it onto others in an unhealthy way (blaming, shaming, yelling, manipulating,