The Secret to Anti Aging Found To Be In The Way You Think
This anti aging science might just be as simple as understanding how your thoughts effect your life. Our perceptions affect more than just the way we see things, but how we feel, and how our bodies respond. We have often heard the idea of mind over matter, that our thoughts in some way help to create our reality. Some believe if we change our way of thinking we can change our whole lives, but is this really true? Many studies over the past 50 years have provided incredible data showing that how we think affects how we experience our reality, and even how our bodies respond. One study conducted at Yale showed that people who simply have a more positive view on aging experience less negative effects; Where those who associate aging with decline in health and well-being in fact experience it as so. It seems as though our perceptions of what is good and what is bad for us can have profound effects on the way we experience them. Here is an except the study conducted at Yale University. This