Women With Facial Hair Will Teach You What True Beauty Is
This is for anyone who has felt the pain of ridicule for not "fitting in". Not fitting into an idea, a cultural conception of "normal, of "appropriate". These women"s responses to ridicule are nothing short of inspiring and empowering. They could easily give into the societal pressure and shaved their faces to please others. Sometimes it seems easier to fit in, but the message that is sent when you stand out is much more powerful. These women not only stand tall but they shine bright as examples of confidence and self-love. They are beautiful inside and out. When we fully accept and love ourselves we spread the energy of non-judgement, and acceptance just by being ourselves. How much more beautiful can you get? Harnaam"s brother Gurdeep was her biggest support. Always reminding her she looks beautiful with her beard and the most important thing is her happiness. Harnaam Kaur who was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, started having excessive hair growth on her face at