Scientists Explain How Long You Should To Nap For Optimal Productivity & Brain Power
Everyone knows that naps are a great way to completely reboot your body & brain and get you back to being productive. Problem is, not everyone knows how long to nap for, nap too little and you miss the benefits of a full REM cycle and creativity Boost. Nap too much and you might end up feeling more groggy than you did before you started! So how long should I be napping for? "For many types of memory, the benefits of a nap are substantial," says Sara Mednick, PhD, a psychologist at the University of California, Riverside. Take perceptual learning. Previous research demonstrated that people perform better on a visual texture-distinguishing task after a night of sleep than they do immediately after learning it. Dr. Mednick says that she and her colleagues found that people performed just as well on the task after a 60 - 90 minute nap as they did after an entire night of sleep. "What"s amazing is that in a 90-minute nap, you can get the same benefits as an eight-hour sleep period,"