Red Cross Spent $500 Million of OUR Donations… and Built 5 Homes In Haiti..
After the devastating 2010 earthquake plans were made by the Red Cross to help build hundreds of thousands of homes. But the plans "fell through" and only 6 homes have been buit since then. The Red Cross announced plans to build no less than 130,000 homes for survivors of the earthquake, many of whom were left with absolutely nothing. There was a generous influx of relief from people all across the world, totaling half a billion dollars, but a series of bungling errors has led to the halted plans, while many doubt if the houses will ever be built. To this day many of the areas hit by the earthquake have not been rebuilt, many living in shacks cobbled together from debris and little, if any access to clean water. MARIE ARAGO FOR PROPUBLICA Leaked memos from the company show how many of the errors that have hindered the building process come from within the company, and could have been avoided with better planning and management. Some former employees revealed how staff were hired who