Pick A Mandala And Find Out What Message It Holds For You!
Mandalas have been a sacred spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism since centuries, and they are used to represent the universe. In the recent years, they have been adopted to describe a diagram that represents the cosmos. Pick one that you feel represents you the best, and find out what it has to say about your personality. 1) Generosity and morality You are someone who is ambitious and has high standards. You always strive to be the best, and while most people may have a tough time getting along with you, you may have an even tougher time getting along with yourself. You are a hard working person, but this rarely pays off for you, and you tend to work for the greater good. You are strongly motivated to make this world a better place, but sadly, only a few people appreciate you for this. 2) Fascination and truthfulness You are someone who likes taking care of others. You are highly responsible, and you take your work seriously. You are a good person, and often inspire others.