How to Overcome the Feeling of Abandonment and Rejection (article in En.& Fr.)
The harms that have given me the most difficulty so far are those of abandonment and rejection, which I have horribly felt during my last breakup. Many of us who are carrying these wounds often are protecting themselves to avoid reactivating them from the outside. This means that often, our love and kindness is sometimes motivated by the fear of not being accepted and recognized by others. Unfortunately, what often happens is that we attract quite the opposite of what we seek. When this happens to us, it is obvious that we feel a sense of failure and total injustice. For my part, I felt like my heart was breaking in thousand pieces when the person I loved so much and who was through my eyes a soul mate, forsook me so unfairly. So how to Overcome a situation in which we actually have the feeling of being Rejected and Abandoned ? First of all, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to overcome this stage of my life if I had not understood at that point in time that this was a learning experience