Old Souls Struggle To Find Love.. Here’s 10 reasons why..
Old souls tend to struggle to find love, because their partners do not usually meet the desired list of characteristics that they have in mind. Here are the many reasons why old souls seem to struggle when it comes to finding love. 1. Old souls have free spirits. A free spirit can remain free only if it is embraced willingly by another spirit and not by someone who restricts it. Free spirits need to change and grow freely, and that is something what all old souls need. For them, finding another free spirit means finding another old soul, which is difficult or impossible. If you"re an old soul yourself or if you"re in love with one, there"s no reason to feel alarmed. Apart from all these characteristics, there"s also one quality that all old souls have- they never stop searching for something until they find it. 2. They want to learn from love in meaningful ways. Old souls crave helpful and insightful guidance and knowledge from their partner, which is rather difficult because that