Multimillionaire Remembers His Roots and Gives Back to the Community
Its not every day that you hear about someone who was born in a village becoming a multimillionaire. But what is most humbling about this story is how this man doesn"t forget about the people who helped raise him. This heart warming story will give you hope for humanity, and show you that Karma truly does come back around. Xiong Shuihua is a generous man who has become quite successful in his life financially through the construction and steal trades. Even though he has found abundance he never forgot his humble beginnings in the village of his youth. Xiongkeng village located in southern China was full of small wooden huts until Xiong Shuihua decided to give a huge gift to the people who influenced him growing up by building them new homes. Previously the community had been living in poor conditions. The multimillionaire always spoke highly of his roots and promised himself that one day he would repay the kindness of his community. The community members spoke very highly of