"Know Thyself and You Will Know the Universe and the Gods. " (article in En.& Fr.)
" Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods." - This was the inscription on the Greek temple at Delphi. This is my favorite quote and here"s why... 7 billion unique human beings on Earth. Not even one identical to another .. Imagine the Infinite Potential that we have in our hands. Currently, this collective potential is reduced to a kind of an enslaving machine where we lose ourselves in conformity and where we adopt dreams that are not truly ours. If every human being took the responsibility to go within himself, a little bit more every day, to ask himself the right questions and to align with His Truth, we would see a lot more joy, colour and harmony on Earth. It is a process that can be difficult if we never took the time to do it, but it is actually relatively easy with practice. What is True for me? What is Natural and Easy for me? What Inspires me today? What is it that I do NOT want in my life? What do I Feel right now? Are there any Fears and