Incredible New Theory Based On Quantum Mechanics Says There Is Life After Death
When it comes to science, there are always new frontiers being pushed, and consequently, our understanding of the world around us, even of life and the nature of the universe, should be continuously shifted forward by how science changes us. Every so often, though, our ideas are blown away by new radical discoveries. For instance, consider this new theory of quantum mechanics, which is blowing plenty of minds: The physical matter around us—for instance, the screen on which you"re reading, the chair in which you"re sitting, the sounds around you—do not exist except as a result of processes in your brain. And the implications of the theory, especially as they relate to life after death, are profound. But let"s return to the theory for a moment. As the quantum mechanic theory of Biocentrism notes, consciousness may be defined as an awareness of a world around us, and outside of us, but the truth is, the way we experience that world is entirely created in our consciousness. As such, there