How Each Sign of the Zodiac Expresses Their Anger
No matter what walk of life you come from, or what your core character really is, we all experience anger at some point in time. Unfortunately, once we have reached this point, our reactions can sometimes manifest in ways that are unbecoming of our true selves. Understanding what enrages you and how you react can be key to controlling yourself before you reach a point that leaves you in shambles. Each star sign displays unique personality traits, and of course with each varying personality comes different ticking points. Read the following traits to be better prepared for what can happen when you have reached your point of no return. Here is how you could react when angered, based on your Zodiac. Aries Aries are very quick-tempered, and find themselves at levels of extreme anger very quickly. As a fire sign, this intensity burns similar to how flames spread, and this fire can be hard to put out once it has started. While Aries signs aren"t one to pick a fight, they are quick to put a