How Each Person Cheats In A Relationship According To Their Zodiac Sign
It is believed that monogamy isn’t possible today, which is why, we’re here to uncover how each sign cheats in their relationship. This doesn’t mean that everyone cheats in a relationship, but we’re trying to convey the many ways in which each zodiac sign can cheat, if they do end up doing it. Capricorn Capricorns tend to have a careless and carefree nature, and for them, cheating is no big deal. They don’t regret cheating and don’t care how their actions can affect those around them. They are also pretty careful and can anticipate your moves, which is why, they can get away with being caught as well. However, when they do get caught, they will either try to justify their actions or pretend to be sorry for it. However, it is important to note that Capricorns are physical cheaters- not emotional ones. Sometimes, they do love you with all their heart, but cheat physically just for a new thrill. For them, it is just that they took a break from their long term relationship. They are