Have You Experienced Any Of These 7 Signs? You May Be A Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive to Energy
It seems as if the word empathy is quite popular these days. People throw it around all the time, but what does it actually mean? Are you an actual empath? Empathy is an extrodinary ability to read and fully understand how others are feeling, sometimes it"s a voluntary action but sometimes it is simply involuntary, mainly for people who are naturally empathic. Empaths are extremely sensitive people and are often considerate, compassionate, and full of understanding for others. They possess the natural ability to feel what someone else is going through. Interestingly, most natural empathy are not aware of how this works. The simply feel everything, whether it is others` emotions or energies. Their sensitivity goes to such a degree that it could be described as a superpower. Most importantly, they are highly intuitive, too! If you are curious to see whether you or someone close is an intuitive empath, read on! Here are a few signs to prove whether you are or not: 1. Dreaming about