First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Now Regained His Upper Body Movements
You lose control of your car and wake up in the hospital from your neck to your toes. This is the story of one unfortunate young man named Kristopher Boesen. Kristopher experienced a life-shattering moment when his car spun out of control on a slippy road, and slammed into a tree. Doctors told Kris"s parents that the majority of his body would likely never fully function again. The Procedure Kristopher was offered to go through a potentially life-changing procedure involving something known as stem cells. Stem cells "have the ability to replace injured nerve tissue" The procedure did not have any guarantee of restoration to the function of his body, but for him, the risk was of failure was worth it. Dr. Liu"s strategy was injecting 10 million AST-OPC1 cells directly into Kris"s cervical spinal cord. (AST-OPC1 cells come from donated eggs that are then fertilized in vitro (i.e. in a petri dish). Dr Liu explains that; "Typically, spinal cord injury patients undergo surgery that