Find Out the "Type of Man" You Were Meant to Love!
Have you ever said to a friend, "He’s such a great guy! He has lots of the qualities I love about my father. I’m sure he’d make a great partner, but he just doesn’t excite me." Or, "On paper, he’s the perfect man in so many ways. But I just don’t feel real passion for him!" There is often a difference between being attracted to someone because you realize and appreciate – all their fine qualities versus, feeling a deep love and passion for them. Why is that? Your horoscope may provide you with the answers you"re looking for. I know...I know! You"re thinking, "My horoscope! Puleeeeeeeeeeze!" Yet, the reality for many women is that they can"t seem to find a man (or woman) who has both the basic (practical) qualities that are needed for a successful relationship, plus those qualities that arouse them on a more profound level. To those women I say: Why settle? You deserve a relationship that satisfies you in ways that are unique to your needs. For those who are open-minded, it"s time to