Change Begins Within. This Video Speaks Beyond Words… (article in En.& Fr.)
Why do we constantly need to be in a rush to do more, to perform more, to become more, to want more ...! ?? and to go where ?!! Can we, sometimes, stop Doing, Searching, Talking, Asking, Thinking and allow ourselves to just BE, Listen and Feel what is happening inside instead of avoiding this endless sense of Lack !? We might find something very interesting.... For too long, we have cut ourselves from our essence by escaping in the outside world. Today is the time, more than ever, to reconnect with this sacred dimension in us and gradually establish a balance between BE and DO. In the old paradigm, we learned that well-being could only be felt once we had done this or that, or acquired this or that material, but this belief system is mistaken and outdated. Today, we Know that it is not necessary to do or to have anything to just BE. Besides, NOTHING outside can give us this permanent feeling of BEING that we all fundamentally seek. Meditation has always been the main tool of all