Are You Dealing With A Sociopath, Narcissist, Or Psychopath? Here Are The 10 Warning Signs
Psychopaths make for upto 4% of the total population, and a good majority of them are not necessarily serial killers. Infact, they may just be people that you walk by on the street- just a person who served you your coffee this morning at Starbucks, or that ex who knows how to manipulate you. Psychopaths may look like normal people- like you and me. But they have a big difference- they don’t have a conscience. They tend to cause harm to others and have no sense of remorse or guilt, and spend their lives trying to mimic human emotions, but they don’t usually experience any of those feelings. Feelings like trust, love, forgiveness and compassion- all those vulnerabilities are something that they easily exploit! A psychopath may slip around unnoticed- they may seem friendly, likeable and even charming, but those who are unfortunate enough to be close to any of them, they will feel like a nightmare has begun to unfold. It may seem fairytale-ish in the beginning, but it may become an