Exposure To Narcissistic Abuse Found To Be Chief Cause Of Anxiety Disorders
It has been found that victims of aggressive and violent people and those who make use of abusive techniques in social environments can be affected by physical health issues too. Individuals who are sensitive and emotionally intelligent make for the most common targets for such social abuse, since they are more prone to behaving like humanists, and therefore, more easy to be taken advantage of. Also, people who have less social means and those who are not powerful or influential are more likely to be targets. If you reside in a home where abuse is prevalent, you can expect your health to decline and your self esteem to suffer. Being told that you are responsible for everything that goes wrong can cause your self identity to suffer. You may be unsure about whether or not, and how to react to such an abuse, and if feeling bad is justified or not. The abuse can range from being lied to, being cheated on, being a part of a love fraud, being verbally abused or even being beaten, sexually