8 Reasons Why Most Men Simply Can’t Handle a Strong Woman
Believe it or not, a good majority of men would want a woman who is quiet and shy rather than choosing a woman who knows how to stand up for herself. Choosing such a girl adds a dynamic of challenge to the relationship as opposed to with a weak woman, who does as she is told to, which is obviously not healthy. Every woman should be aware of her own needs and wants and should be able to take actions on it whenever needed. #1: Strong Women Stand-up for Themselves Most men tend to feel that they need to be the ones to fight battles for their women, and if they are unable to stand up for their female partner, they can end up feeling unneeded and unwanted. However, a strong female doesn"t just stand up for herself, but also for her male partner in some situations especially when something threatens their relationship, and this is not something a lot of men can take. #2: Strong Women Are Aware of Their Own Needs and Desires Men enjoy telling a woman what she actually wants and needs, and how